What Is The Best Tactical Flashlights for your choice?

Are you searching for a quality best tactical flashlight? You may have visited many websites and forums before.

With so much information and advice, I think you’ve been confused. I was once like you are now and I had experienced that confuse. I am sure that what I share in this article will help you a lot with choosing the best tactical flashlight for the money

What is the tactical flashlight?

But, first! You need to know the concept “tactical flashlight”. Simply put, these flashlights are used by law enforcement agencies. And that means they have to have durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Of course, the SOS signaling and Strobe flash are the must-have features in each tactical flashlight. So the question is “Do you really need the SOS signaling and strobe flash in your tactical flashlight? ” I said YES!

The SOS signal is very essential in tactical flashlights as well as other flashlights. It is easy to catch the attention of people in emergency situations. And, what about Strobe flash? You may know the strobe flash is often used for temporarily blinding the opponents’ eyes by strong light.  It is useful when you need for self-defense.

Why do you own the best tactical flashlight?

I just love the tactical flashlights because they are reliable and durable, they probably work well in extremely poor conditions

Here are the reasons:

1. One of the essential tools in your first aid kit: In the emergencies at night, a reliable light source is vital. The light in such situations will reduce stress, nervosity, and fright.  Plus, you will need a quality flashlight for searching and rescue or simply catch the eyes for helping.

2. Reliability and Durability: The tactical flashlights are produced from quality materials such as aerospace aluminum alloy which are light, hard and durable. In addition, water resistant and impact resistant is another benefit when you own a quality tactical flashlight.

3. Nice and collection value: Yeah, I know so many people take up an interest in collecting led flashlights. I think that the tactical flashlights are worth to be a part of your collection. They are not only a practical flashlight but also a cool looking one.

4. Work well in self-defense: The tactical flashlights have a hard body enough so that you can probably use it as a weapon for self-defense. Moreover, the strobe mode is pretty good in situations that need to blind attackers temporarily for a few seconds. However, you need to have experiences and skills to use them efficiently. You need more practice first!

How do you recognize the best tactical flashlights?

  • Brand and Warranty: The first factors that you have to consider before buying the tactical flashlights are brand and warranty. Why? Most of the quality tactical flashlights are made by famous brands such as Nitecore, Fenix, Surefire which have good care service after sales.
  • Materials: As I said above, good tactical flashlights have to be made from high-quality materials. The Anodized Aluminum and  Aerospace Aluminum alloys are both materials which are very popular in premium tactical flashlights as well as in the other ones.
  • Run time: Obviously, the longer the better.  You should choose the tactical flashlights with the run time (at max output) > = 2 hours.
  • Simple to use: That means you just take it and turn it on – off with one hand. Some brands such as Fenix which have many-operation-mode built-in for their tactical flashlights. So I think that they like a multi-purpose flashlight rather than a tactical flashlight.
  • SOS signaling and Strobe flash: both features are must-have for every tactical flashlight.
  • Ease of EDC: Yeah, they have to fit in your pocket for everyday carry.
  • Equipped with rechargeable batteries: There are many types of battery which are equipped for a tactical flashlight. Personally, I recommend you to choose the tactical flashlights that use rechargeable AA batteries or best 18650 battery. These types of batteries are very popular and you can buy them easily anywhere.


I have three tactical flashlights, one in my house, one in my car and one in my backpack for EDC. The reason that I chose tactical flashlight rather than the others because I like the durability and they can work in extremely poor conditions.

Hopefully, with what I shared in this article, you’ll get the best tactical flashlight.



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