I’d Rather Be at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Ahhh…the beach! Warm sun on my face, sand between my toes, and the smell of the salty air. Seagulls crying overhead, and waves crashing against a lonely seashore; that’s what I call paradise!

I’ve always loved going to the beach; it’s so peaceful. When my daughters were little, we made trips to the beach every summer. We built many a sandcastle there, buried toes in the sand, and waded into the cool, foamy water.

Of course, we always enjoyed our favorite beach picnic – sandwiches, funyuns, and sodas! Why is it that those sandwiches taste so much better at the beach?

And now, we’re carrying on that tradition with my grand-daughters; their daughters. We still play in the surf, sun, and sand. I know my children and grandchildren will forever carry on this tradition, and they will always share my love of the beach.

When God created the beaches and the oceans, He created serenity.

Galveston Island

Our closest beach is Galveston Island which can be found deep in the heart of South Texas along our Texas Gulf Coast.

Once known as the “Playground of the South”, Galveston Island is a thriving tourist town filled with southern charm, history, and hospitality. With its 32 miles of beaches, the island also offers family entertainment from attractions to museums, dining, shopping, resort hotels, water sports, and its now ever-popular “Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier”.

Built where the historic Flagship Hotel once stood, the Pier offers waterfront family fun with a wide variety of attractions and games.

It’s not wonder that our family is proud to call Galveston Island “our beach”!

Beaches I’ve Visited

Besides Galveston, I have visited only a few other beaches – South Padre Island in Texas and Cocoa Beach in Florida.

Just like Galveston, South Padre lies on the Texas Gulf Coast in the deep South. It’s located near Brownsville, Texas and is also a popular tourist town. South Padre, just like Galveston, meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Cocoa Beach is located just past Cape Canaveral in Florida and meets the Atlantic Ocean. With its beautiful blue waters and white sandy beaches, it’s the perfect picture of God’s amazing artwork!

Things To Do at the Beach

Besides getting a tan or swimming, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the beach! Many beaches or beach towns offer their guests lots of recreational activities.

Here’s just a few that I can think of:

1) Water Sports – From swimming to boating, fishing, or water skiing, you’ll find an abundance of water activities to participate in;

2) Looking for Seashells – You just can’t go to the beach and not look for seashells!

3) Building Sandcastles – The little ones love playing in the sand and building their sandcastles. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I think the big kids like it, too!

4) Feeding the Seagulls – Who doesn’t love feeding these awesome birds? But beware! They do get a little excited sometimes! 🙂

5) Have a Picnic – Like I said before, our good old-fashioned picnic is one of our favorite things we enjoy on the beach;

6) Watching the Sunrise or Sunset – They can be really amazing at the beach, and they’re not to be missed;

7) Watch the Waves Come In – Just sit back, relax, and watch and listen to the beautiful sound of the ocean’s waves coming in to the shore;

8) Play Volleyball – Everyone loves a good game of volleyball on the beach;

9) Fly a Kite – What better place is there to fly a kite than at the beach! It’s always nice and windy, and there’s not any trees around, except for a palm tree here and there sometimes;

10) Go Surfing – And, of course, you can always surf those awesome waves! And, if you’re not into that, just go out and “ride the waves” – for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – just jump the waves as they come in! This was always one of our favorites!

You’ll always find something fun and exciting to do on the beach! But don’t forget, it is a great place to relax and just breathe.

Packing for the Beach

So, you’ve decided to take a little beach trip! Good! Now what should you bring with you?

1) Make sure to bring a cooler, and fill it with some drinks, especially water. You’ll definitely get thirsty while you’re out in the hot sun.

2) Be sure to grab that sunscreen. Again that sun can get really hot, and you’ll find yourself with much more than a tan if you don’t wear some kind of sunscreen!

3) Make some sandwiches, and bring some snacks. I don’t know why, but everything tastes better at the beach! And you’ll definitely get the munchies!

4) Don’t forget the blanket! You’ll need something to lay out for that picnic you’re having on the beach.

5) You might wanna grab some beach chairs, if you’d prefer not to lay out on beach towels or a blanket.

6) Sunglasses! You don’t want to leave those behind!

7) Everyone loves to listen to music on the beach, so remember to bring a radio, an ipod, or a good old boombox with you.

8) If you’re not really into getting a tan, or you just don’t want too much sun, an umbrella would be a good choice to bring with you.

9) Remember the flip flops! That sand can get pretty hot out there!

10) Be sure to bring the kiddos some beach pails and shovels! They’ll need ’em to build those awesome sandcastles!

Hope you have a great time! Cowabunga!

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