Holiday Safety Gear For Everyone!

Many people are finding themselves stranded at airports or their own hometowns because of weather that is not co-operating with our travel plans.

So what are you to do, if you find yourself in this situation? Well, first and foremost, make sure that your family knows you are on your way, give them the route that you plan to follow and then check out the road conditions before putting the keys in the ignition!

Safety Gear
AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit

If things look like they are going to clear up, then make sure that you have some extra things in your car, just in case the worst scenario pans out.

Start with a fully charged cell phone and having a backup rechargeable battery, it can be your life line in some very hazardous situations. Next have some extra blankets in the car, even if you don’t need them, the kids or whoever is traveling with you, can snuggle into them during the drive.

A road assistance kit like the one pictured here, could help you in case of an emergency too! It is better to “be prepared” than the wishful thinking that will follow, if you are unprepared.

Driving during the winter months is hazardous and extra precautions should be taken, even more so when you have been warned that bad weather is coming in.

The most important thing is to check out the weather conditions where you are and where you are headed, to make sure that your trip will be the wonderful family reunion that you are hoping for. If the weather is not going to co-operate, remember that your family would rather get together after Christmas with you safely in one piece than to visit you in hospital or worse.

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