7 Yoga Poses for Couples – Partner Yoga Poses

With the increasing popularity of yoga in today’s society, pair yoga has been developing more and more strongly. Nowadays, some people have no longer gone to the fitness center or private class to exercise yoga alone. They go with their partners to experience it together or just to raise motivation for each other.

In fact, pair yoga has certain benefits to practitioners in terms of not only health but also improving their relations. If you have a friend or someone that you want to practice with but have never tried before, refer to the following 7 partner yoga poses for beginners:

Partner forward bend (Uttanasana):

Actually, you can do this pose on a wall, but it would be much more fun to practice it with a partner. First, stand facing each other then take turn to do the following steps.

One person inhales and lengthens up, then exhales and comes into their forward fold. Next, the other person will do the same. Inhale while pressing all feet down and raise two arms up, exhale and fold forward, then keep walking forward to the partner’s position until both sides’ shoulder blades touch.

At this time, two of you are going to give each other a little pressure. You have to look for a perfect spot so that you won’t knock each other over. Go to your forward fold as deeply as possible. Release your head down the floor. To get out of the pose, just step back a little, inhale and bring your arms up. Exhale and bring your hands to the heart center.

This pose has so many benefits for your body and your mind. It’s going to calm the brain, improve the function of liver and kidneys, stretch the hamstrings, calves and hips, strengthen the thighs and knees, improve digestion, relieve headache and insomnia and so on.

Note: The most important thing is that you must straighten your legs. But if you cannot, it’s okay to bend your knee a little bit. You will soon get better!

Twin tree pose:

You cannot keep balance when doing the tree pose by yourself? Don’t worry! You can choose a partner to practice it with you. It would be a really fun, enjoyable way to exercise with your fellow tree to support your balance.

Just stand side by side, hip to hip, wrapping arms around each other’s waist. Bend your outside leg and turn into tree pose. Your both inside hands will raise up touching each other. The outside hands can also join in a prayer position or move back behind your waist and touch each other there. Or you can also grow your tree by reaching your outside hands up overhead.

Try to keep balance as long as possible and learn to cooperate with your partner smoothly. It will create stability and improve your balance, increase concentration, open the hips, and strengthen the ankles as well.

Breathe together:

Breathe? Sounds so simple. But it is very powerful. It fills your body with life and energy, relax all muscles, facilitate the oxygen delivery process, lower blood pressure, as well as relieve stress and anxiety. If you practice it with another partner, you two can even build more connection.

You just need to sit down with your back facing each other. Begin to inhale and exhale deeply at the same time and observe your breath while doing that.

Try to feel how the back of your ribcage feels against your partner’s back while he or she is breathing like you. Try alternating breathing with the other fellow. For example, you inhale, that person exhales, and vice versa. Continue in 5 minutes.

Partner planks:

Perhaps you have already heard about the huge benefits of plank pose. This incredibly popular exercise can seriously boost your fitness level. It engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, improve your core strength, strengthen your back. You will be able to enjoy better bone and joint health, reduce stress, increase flexibility and lower the risk of getting injury, etc.

Note that this is not really a pose for beginners. If you are going to try with your friend, make sure both of you have strong core. Remember to make sure that you engage your shoulders, and really focus on tightening your abdominal area. Keep even breaths while holding on the pose.

Partner L forward fold (Temple pose):

This is also one of the most favourite partner yoga poses for beginners. It is a soothing partner Asana that helps to open the shoulders and chest, stretches the hamstrings, strengthens your back and arms, and is a good exercise for thighs and butt.

You should keep your position in 5-7 long, deep breaths while enjoying a blissful, silent connection between you and your partner.

Spinal twist:

Do you feel twisting and turning is always fun? Then this pose if perfect for you. It adds vigor and energy to your body. It helps to improve digestive function, maintain normal spinal rotation, relieve back pains, and reduce stress.

All you need to do is sitting with your backs facing each other. Inhale and raise your arms up over your head. Exhale and twist to the right, putting your right palm on the partner’s left knee and your left palm should be on your right thigh.

Your partner will do the same motion. Hold for a couple of breaths. Exhale and come back to the original position. Repeat with the other side of your body.

Partner boat:

The final suggested in the top 7 partner yoga poses for beginners is Boat pose. It is quite challenging at first, but it is extremely good for your core and makes you energetic. This pose requires trust, focus and balance. You can fall out several times when you just get started with it, but no problem. You will achieve it!

To start, sit down face-to-face with your knees bent and all toes touching each other. Reach out to your partner’s wrists and hold them.

Next, lift your legs up, try to straighten your legs. Your partner will also do the same thing. Straighten your back and trust in the support from your partner’s wrists. Hold on for a few breaths, then release your body. You two will feel the good energy flowing between the two of you.

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